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  • Cultura, Curiosidades, Livros, Pirataria » sábado, 7 de setembro de 2013 »Captain Phillips (The Movie)

    Tom Hanks e capitão Richard Phillips

    On the next Friday, November the 8th, the film “Captain Phillips” by director Paul Greengrass will debut in theaters. The movie is based on the book “A Captain’s Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALS and Dangerous Days at Sea” by Captain Richard Phillips, the captain of the MV Maersk Alabama.

    The renowned Hollywood actor Tom Hanks plays Captain Phillips, the well experienced commandant who did everything possible to guarantee his crew safety’s during an attack by Somali pirates in April 2009. These pirates hoped to ransom the ship and its crew in exchange for insurance money from the shipping company. The real life drama lived by the crew of the MV Maersk Alabama in the Indian Ocean lasted for several days until the rescue by the U.S. Navy.
    The movie has been expected by the maritime community since its announcement because it shows some of the dangers the merchant mariners are vulnerable to in their profession.



    Interesting facts:
    • MV Alva Maersk was the name of the container ship MV Maersk Alabama before it was reflagged to the United States.
    • This hijacking was the first successful pirate seizure of a ship under the American flag since the 19th century.
    • The MV Maersk Alabama suffered other four pirate attacks since its hijacking in April 2009.


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